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img_6228I originally wrote this blog to educate young professionals to learn more about personal financial planning and achieve financial independence. Even though we had all finished school and entered the workforce, there was still much more to learn about personal finance.  Everyone has the ability to make good financial judgments. My assumption was that we just lack the knowledge.

As I continued writing this blog, I came to realize that topics around personal finances was considered taboo.  People were more comfortable talking about their sexual preference or personal relationships than personal finance.  I want to break this stigma. Talking about personal finances should not be secretive.  It is important that we share our successes, but on top of that it is important that we share our failures.

I hope to share more of my experiences through blog posts. I want to create a culture where people can share their ideas through questions and feedback.  Above all, I hope you share this blog with your friends and to help me build a community where we can help each other achieve financial independence.

Financially Yours,

Bryce Kwan


  1. Mallory
    Mallory November 9, 2015

    Hi Bryce!

    Thanks for the mention. Is there any way you can link to our site where you mention Wealthsimple?

    Much appreciated!

    • bkwan
      bkwan November 10, 2015

      Sure that’s not a problem.

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