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Journey To 200!


Almost 5 years ago when I started this blog I didn’t think I would have the longevity to keep posting about personal finance. Perhaps one of the greatest assets I had that made me persist is my passion to learn. Had I not continually learned new concepts, new ideas and discovered others like me that yearned to achieve financial independence early in life, I wouldn’t have the same vigor to continue to write about my experiences and learnings.

Even at 200 posts, with regular readers, I still get many questions asked about investing and personal finance matters. There’s still so much that people don’t understand, and even myself, that I feel I still need to keep spreading the word. Financial illiteracy is rampant and should really be taught in schools. So many young people grow up only believing everything their parents have done, whether it is good or bad. Many continue to fall prey to advisors at the bank who are out to make a profit on you. And everyday I see more and more seniors retiring on so little income that it makes me sad to think that after 45 years of working I’ll end up that way too. This actually encourages me to continue writing, reading and learning because hopefully one of these days others will follow.

I don’t write this blog for profit, nor do I write it to bash on real estate, or sell people on buying individual stocks. This blog isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It’s all about balance and ensuring that we all understand the risks and consequences of our financial decisions. I write to promote financial literacy. My hope is that one day everyone achieves their financial independence and will be able to live the life they want without worry about their personal finances. I’m always open to comments and suggestions for topics. I do all of this on my spare time because it’s my hobby to learn about personal finance. Hopefully the work you don’t want to do I can do for you and summarize in these blog posts, so if you have any suggestions for topics please let me know.

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